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May  2020 - SME Business Digitalisation Grant


EAC Software Sdn Bhd has been identifed as TSP (Technology Service Provider)by MDec to support the SME Business Digitalisation Grant which announced by the Ministry of Finance under Budget 2020 to assist SMEs in digitalisation by subsidying up to 50% or maximum up to RM5000 per digitalisation area (For example, Payroll)

2020年5月 - 硕域软件公司正式被马来西亚MDec确认为TSP协助马来西亚的中小型企业进行数码化革新。 政府将以1对1的辅助方式来推行这项数码化计划,列如项目的总额为RM8,000,政府将补助RM4,000,补助额度的上限为RM5,000。 有兴趣了解申请这辅助计划的朋友,欢迎联系我们 ! 谢谢!





Dec  2019 - Android Programming Training for Students (安卓培训

EAC Malaysia provided fundamental Android Programming for students and to promote the idea of STEM Education system and Industrial 4.0



Dec  2019 - Android Stock-Taking Ssytem  (安卓库存盘点系统

EAC Software designed and developed AMSI-WCS, an Android-based Stock-taking system,  for a retail chain-store in Malaysia.  The Android-basd Stock-taking system is designed to work with AutoCount System




June  2019 - Industrial 4.0 Project  (工业 4.0 项目)

EAC Software designed and developed Industrial 4.0 application  for an automotive manufacturer to implement a  Smart-Warehouse with intelligent to execute Auto infeed Lane assignment, identification and Stock-in as well as Auto Pallet retrieval from respective Lane for outfeed in accordance with Call-out Plan  


Touch Screen for WCS Execution  





Smart-Warehouse with Auto-ID for Stock-in